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College Planning

Guidance and Counseling

We know there are many questions to be answered as you go through your high school years and plan for your future. We hope this page will help to answer some of the most pressing questions you have as you prepare to further your education beyond your high school years.

Student Information

Senior Corner

Parent Information

Students and parents are encouraged to make appointments when questions arise about academics, personal, career, or college concerns.

Student Appointments
Students may schedule appointments with a counselor by going to the Guidance Reception Area and signing their name in the Counselor Appointment Book. The designated counselor will then call the student out of class. In case of an emergency/crisis, students may be referred to see a counselor by a teacher or school personnel immediately.

Parent Appointments
Parents may schedule appointments with a counselor by contacting the Guidance Clerk or the Counselor. Please note that the start dates for the Fall and Spring semesters are the peak scheduling periods, and appointments are highly advised if you wish to speak with a counselor. The counseling department will make a concerted effort to make phone contacts in a timely manner.

Parent / Teacher Conferences
Parent / Teacher conferences are scheduled for the end of the school day, or during a teacher’s prep period. If you have concerns about your child’s progress in classes, please make an appointment with the teacher. Please call the front office at 480-474-6800 for the teacher’s availability and your call will be returned by the teacher.

Grades; Homework/Makeup Work; Attendance

Front Office/ Attendance Ms. Valencia 480-474-6800
Registrar Ms. Rochelle 480-474-6807
Counselor - 10th/12th Grade Mr. Boyd 480-474-6812
Counselor - 9th/11th Grade Mr. Lathan 480-474-6814
CTE Department Chair Dr. Snow 480-474-6800
Nurse Ms. Cochrane 480-474-6800